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Breakout Sessions

Led by educators, school leaders, parents, and community leaders of Oklahoma City, these sessions offer ideas of where education can and is changing in our city to fully support students, teachers, and communities. These sessions are groups of 12-15 for a relaxed, conversational atmosphere- Come ready to participate and use your voice!  

Get a taste for the conversations to come with a few of the breakout session descriptions below!


Thursday Sessions

Engage Learning| Bart Keeton

This session will highlight the the work of Engage Learning and their mission to transform students into problem-seekers who have the creative confidence and tenacity to find unique solutions for the current and future problems facing our world.

Mentoring Students | Sgt. Justin Echols

Sgt. Echols will share about the heart behind mentoring students and the necessity of having a mentor in the life of every child. He will also share about the work that the Oklahoma City Police Department's F.A.C.T. Unit does to engage and mentor students across Oklahoma. 

Self-Care for Teachers | Shandee Mikesh

Who knows you best?  In this case there is a correct answer, you!  In this session, you will explore how to know what you need better to stay less stressed.  We will talk through various methods to support your body and mind to keep you living with intentionality and sanity as you give to so many around you.


Creating Meaningful Language | Dr. Scott Martin

We know that language creates culture and reality around us. In this session, Dr. Martin will share about the ways we can reimagine the language of education and schooling to empower flourishing teachers, students, and communities.

Friday Sessions

Rally Around Educators | Kim Bandy & Rufus Howard

Rally 4 Schools works to develop and support relationships between schools and local churches. Our goal is to provide tangible support and meaningful relational assistance to teachers, administrators and staff members at under-resourced schools. We've learned a lot, messed up a ton, and are on our way to mobilizing churches in all corners of the city to rally around their local school. This session will explore some learning curves and offer practical insights for both church and school partners. 

A World of Sisters and Brothers | Kuaybe Basturk

Can ‘other’s turn into sisters and brothers? Believe me they can! What are the ways to achieve this? What are our responsibilities as adults/parents/teachers to build a society of sisters and brothers rather than ‘other’s? What are the challenges on the way?


Embodying Therapeutic Support in the Classroom | Jordan Hepler

How can we create an environment of empathy and care for students? In this session, we will explore what it means to be mindful of others’ experience from a holistic health perspective and how it can empower students to grow into healthy, integrated adults.